Ironclad® Performance Wear


It started with a baby raccoon

We’re thrilled to have Ironclad® Performance Wear among our creative partners! Sugar Shock Media creator Judie Luszcz wears many hats – not only as a producer, motion designer, and video editor, but also as a dedicated wildlife rehabilitator. When it comes to gloves, Ironclad® has always been her top choice, safeguarding both the wildlife rehabbers and their anxious wild patients.

In this unique partnership, Judie shares photos of herself and her fellow rehabbers in action caring for injured, orphaned and debilitated wildlife while wearing protective Ironclad® gloves. In return, Ironclad® shines a spotlight on her wildlife rehabilitation endeavors through their social media channels, while also providing her team with gloves. It’s a collaboration that unites creativity and compassion in a truly special way.

Show your support for a business that empowers nonprofits by visiting Ironclad® Performance Wear.

Judie Luszcz
Sugar Shock Media creator &
wildlife rehabilitator

Lambertville, NJ • Hunterdon County
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