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I have my rabies shots.

Before my days of wrangling injured and orphaned wild animals with sharp teeth and pointy claws in the name of wildlife conservation, I was a happy motion designer and video editor working in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing, while volunteering at my local animal shelter.

Then, one random Tuesday afternoon while in my studio, I discovered an injured squirrel in my yard. Wanting to help Nature’s little comedian, I went down the internet “rabbit hole” (wildlife rehab joke) for help and met a local wildlife rehabber. Fast forward, I began rehabbing squirrels under her tutelage – while driving everyone around me “nuts” with squirrel facts.

The Squirrel Gods decided my fate and so I embarked on a new journey as a wildlife rehab apprentice with Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary. Under their mentorship, I learned to care for mammals from mice to bear (more teeth, more claws) and began pursuing my wildlife rehabilitation license with the state of New Jersey.

During my time at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary until their closure in 2022, I had the joy of producing fun and informative wildlife videos and managing their social media accounts.

I combine my love of animals with motion design & video TADAH!


• I have a deep understanding of both the scientific and marketing aspects of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as I treat animal patients with medications, supplements, and vaccines.

• My knowledge and experience can help effectively market treatments to veterinarians, zoologists and pet owners.

If you have creative marketing needs for animal health, veterinary care, zoology or wildlife conservation, let’s chat! Be prepared for endless squirrel fun facts. 


What does a wildlife rehabber do?

Wildlife rehabbers provide care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife until they can survive on their own back in the wild. Having the resources and skills to provide wildlife with a second chance back in the wild is beyond rewarding. Our wild patients can never quite thank us, but we take great pride in knowing we’ve provided an opportunity for these animals that would otherwise have nowhere to go for help.

Our niche industry of wild animal care is so unique, that there are currently just 40 licensed wildlife rehabbers in the entire state of NJ. We receive no state or federal funding, and rely on donations and a generous network of superhero volunteers for support. The wildlife rehab world is always evolving, and so we continuously broaden our education of wildlife care through online seminars, in-person trainings, and literature published by accredited wildlife organizations.

I’m a proud member of:

National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (NWRA)
New Jersey Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators (NJAWR)

Lambertville, NJ • Hunterdon County
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